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Flood Restoration Equipment

Rent Flood Restoration EquipmentWe have been servicing dehu's and other equipment of the Flood Restoration industry for over 20 years. We also rent Flood Restoration Equipment at an unbelievable low cost to you.

Why BTR?

Flood Restoration Rental Equipment San DiegoWhy Choose Us?

  • We pick up and deliver
  • Our work is thorough
  • Our pricing is very competitive

Our Flood Restoration Rental Equipment


Equipment Services...

  1. Flood Restoration Equipment Rentals,priced way less than any other source - Dehu’s from $18 to $36 per day, Air Movers from $10 per day,
  2. We pick up and deliver the equipment to you or your job site, anywhere in Southern California
  3. Large Inventory and of Flood Restoration Equipment
  4. We maintain our rental equipment – we are a service and repair company
  5. We are NOT a Flood Restoration Company (why rent from competitors?)
  6. We service and repair your existing equipment, keeping it reliable and effective
Dehumidifiers, Air Movers, Etc Pints Per Day Removed Daily Rental Rate
DrizAir Evolution LRB LGR Dehumidifier
For living rooms. etc.
Recommend 2 - 5 Air Movers
70 $34
DrizAir 1200 Dehumidifier
For living rooms, etc.
Recommend 2 - 5 Air Movers
64 $30
Ebac BD-80 Dehumidifier
For Bedrooms, etc.
Recommend 1 - 3 Air Movers
56 $26
Ebac Trition Dehumidifier
For Small Spaces (bathrooms, etc.)
Recommend 1 Air Mover
52 $20
Myetee 2200 Air Mover (Fan)
Recommended to accompany Dehumidifiers
Dramatically increase the efficiency of a dehumidifier
- $12
Mytee 2200 Air Mover (Fan) W/5 Hose Manifold System
For under cabinets, inside walls and other small areas.
Can couple hoses for extended reach.
- $20
Ace Axial Fan
3000 cfm
Dramatically increases the efficiency of a dehumidifier
- $16
Air Scrubber Hepa 500
Filter air eliminate odor
(+filter charge)
- $48
Ozone Generator
For odor and mold removal
- $40
220 Splitter - $5
Spider Box
(+ $8 for cord)
- $25
Extension Cord (25 foot)
- $4

Flood Restoration Companies / Professionals - You are eligible for our wholesale pricing which is 20% off our great retail pricing. Contact us for more information